Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A girandole \ˈjir-ən-ˌdōl\ is a "1 : a radiating and showy composition (as a cluster of skyrockets fired together) 2 : an ornamental branched candlestick 3 : a pendant earring usually with three ornaments hanging from a central piece"

Further definition can be found here.

When I think of a girandole and German culture, my mind instantly switches to the European Union flag:

An interesting aspect of German culture is it's willingness to display the E.U. flag at what appears to be at or above the level of the German national flag. I have many non-digital pictures of this as I was interested in Germany's strive to be simply a member of a greater European community rather than a nationalist blowhard which it has in the past. Here is a picture of them flying at what appears to be the same heighth.

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  1. And what do the Germans really think about the EU?? How has it benefited them, if at all??