Tuesday, March 24, 2009

German Music - a short culture entry

Ever since learning German, I have always had an interest in German music. It can be pretty good at times, but you always get looks listening to it, I figured I would go over a few major German artists.

Die Aertze - Hailing from Berlin, die Aertze is hands down one of my favorite German artists. Translated as "The Doctors", they have been in the music scene forever. Them and "Die Toten Hosen" (or, the dead pants) have regularly been one of the top punk-rock bands. Die Aertze has regularly called themselves "the greatest band in the world" (never more obvious in the song "Rock-n-Roll ubermensch), and this sort of arrogance is not lost in their music. My favorite songs include "zu spaet" (too late), "ist das alles" (is that all), and "Gabi gibt ein Parti" (Gabi throws a party).

Bushido - Known as the German Eminem, Bushido is the bad-boy of German music. His music isn't bad, his lyrics are, at best, offensive. Similar to Eminem's Slim Shady, Bushido also raps under the name Sonny Black. He is from Berlin as well and is of Tunisian and German descent. He is noted for alleged racism against Turks, an issue not uncommon in Germany, especially Berlin. He derides the allegations, as he works often with minorities in his Aggro Berlin record label. He has also been described as homophobic.

Wizo - To the roots of punk rock, Wizo is as good as Die Aertze in my book. They are politically left and quite outspoken about it. One of my favorite songs is named "Kopfschuss" which is German for "Headshot", about the a German anarchist who was assassinated. Quadrat im Kreis or "Square in a Circle" is excellent as well. They were the first German punk rock band to be signed to an American label.


  1. I really like die Aerzte, especially their videos. They are always very artistic.

    I also really like Fettes Brot. "Fussball ist immer noch wichtig" cracks me up and "Bettina" always gets stuck in my head.

  2. Can you make some links to some examples - through youtube, for example, to some of their music??? It would add to your blog and help me and others understand what you're describing!!

  3. Your mention of "Die Toten Hosen" -- the dead pants -- made me recall that punk band "The Dead Kennedys" from the 70s and 80s.

  4. I have enjoyed reading your blogs because I dont know much about the German culture. It is pretty neat how Ms. Jacqueline has knowledge of both cultures and able to compare - maybe?