Monday, May 4, 2009


Dilatory - dil⋅a⋅to⋅ry 
/ˈdɪləˌtɔri, -ˌtoʊri/
tending to delay or procrastinate; slow; tardy.
intended to cause delay, gain time, or defer decision: a dilatory strategy.

Germany's Finance Minister Peer Steinbrueck

The German economic system is very dilatory. The system slows growth, punishes wealth and expansion, as well as rewards the least performing.

With the exceptional amount of government control in Germany, surprisingly there is no minimum wage. It is set by the unions, of which there are an absurd amount of. Unions in Germany do not only account for Steel workers and Car companies but for every occupation under the sun.
Angela Merckel was ready to propose a minimum wage for all workers (including dog sitters and independent hot dog stand vendors) in Deutschland until the economic downfall hit. Germany's unemployment rate is regularly very high (now 8.3%, has been 12% for several years) but she saw the proposed minimum wage as not being very dilatory to the unemployment rate, as minimum wage increases are generally followed by unemployment rate increases as a direct positive correlation.

Part of Germany's economic problems stem from the rebuilding of Eastern Germany, as the enormous influx of cash that is necessary to rebuild the country contributed to inflation as well as the influx of brainwashed (although we all are, to some degree) former Soviet citizens as part of Russia's imperialism in the West. This has contributed to the continued growth of parties such as the Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands (Social Democrat Party Germany) and Die Linke (the Left) which use dilatory policies of slow growth as a means of attempting to soften economic lows.
And to answer a question which was asked way too long ago:
L.C. Jones said...
What did Jesse do??? I'm not overly familiar with German history and Jesse's successes...though I would assume he must have been successful while there..???!!!

This was written in regards to my post about Jesse Owens disproving Hitlers racial theories at the Olympiastadion in Berlin.
Jesse Owens was a young black man from Alabama. He ran track at Ohio State University. Hitler championed the Olympics as proving Germany's Aryan superiority. Jesse Owens won four gold metals and notably beat Luz Long a phenomenal German long jumper.
Here is Jesse Owens at my beloved Olympiastadion, home of Hertha.

And this is the street named after him, outside the stadium


  1. Despite having taken some German in high school, I know very little about their government. Albeit, I find politics to be rather boring at the moment, but we'll still have to deal with it at some point or another.

    I can understand the problems that are still there from the separation of Germany, but because I never traveled to what was formerly East Germany, I don't have a grasp of what the atmosphere there is like.

    And that picture of Jesse Owens just speaks volumes.:)

  2. It's interesting that they don't have a minimum wage but they are highly unionized. I guess every country finds its own way of doing things. The US seems to be the opposite to me--less unionized but with a (relatively) decent minimum wage.

  3. "...The system slows growth, punishes wealth and expansion, as well as rewards the least performing." What to do, what to do... How to take care of the truly needy without penalizing those whose initiative helps to create jobs, wealth and progress? The U.S. isn't the only country facing these kinds of problems.

  4. This was an informative post. Go unions! Are the wobblies (IWW) active there at all?

    I must say, I loled at the "brainwashed Soviets" line. Americans are brainwashed to, IMO. People here don't know their Marx.

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